Tree Surveying & Inspections for Ash Dieback (Chalara Fraxinea)

ash tree with full foliage

The dedicated team at Tree Surveys & Reports have assisted a number of local authorities and the Ministry of Justice in monitoring the spread of ash dieback (chalara fraxiena) to amenities, highways, and residential areas. Ash dieback is a deadly fungus which kills ash trees and is capable of spreading quickly, thereby causing great damage to local tree population. Since ash dieback first began appearing in the UK, we have seen a great increase in the number trees infected with the disease. In the worst hit areas of the UK the effect of young trees has been devastating.

Ash trees are a critical component of many landscapes in the UK, and their loss can have devastating consequences for the local ecology and wildlife. Infection generally begins on leaves, and progressively spreads, causing dieback and stem lesions, sometimes within a time frame of just one season. The fungus, which is present on fallen leaves, affects growing shoots and can be spread by wind blowing and by moving fallen leaves from one site to another.

Receiving professional advice from a professional Arborist is vital if you have concerns with your ash trees. The UK government currently has schemes underway to help stop the spread of the disease, so that the nation does not lose one of its most emblematic tree species. It is vital that members of the general public raise their awareness of the nature of this disease, so they can help minimise its spread and impact.

With the help of top of the range GPS equipment and pocket GIS mapping technology, we have accurately located and positioned large volumes of ash trees throughout the UK. This has allowed landowners and tree managers to easily locate, inspect and report on the condition of their ash trees.

For further information on Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) and how Tree Surveys & Reports. can help landowners and managers fulfil their duty of care, please contact 01926 870050

Ash Dieback News

The Nornex research team have conducted a genetic analysis on 182 infected Ash trees in Denmark (where an alarming 90% of the Ash trees have been killed) and they have developed 3 genetic markers to predict which trees are more likely to be tolerant of the disease.

There is no finer company to completed a tree risk assessment in Leamington Spa. We were very happy with the thoroughness of our assessment.
Lorraine James, Leamington Spa

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