GPS Tree Surveying & GIS Mapping

hand drawn housing estate plan with trees and a river

The team at Tree Surveys & Reports comprises highly trained individuals who utilise the latest GPS equipment to accurately locate individual trees and tree groups across large residential areas, highways and parks. This technology, combined with GIS mapping software and bespoke tree data recording software, allows us to accurately plot, tag, and manage large volumes of trees. GPS and GIS data collection systems provide a comprehensive analysis and enable us to create Tree Inventory Systems, to help quantify tree populations and provide a profound analysis of asset management.

These technologies can be used to fulfil all your needs including tree hazard assessments, tree health surveys, useful life expectancy ratings and tree risk assessments. All data is collected by prompts in the GIS software, and additional data can be imported from various GIS and database formats, to update and verify previously recorded data. We can conduct surveys and assessments for trees on private land, street trees, trees in parks and other open spaces, trees on public and government property, golf courses, sites, cemeteries, etc.

The advantages of our approach to tree data recording is that it provides easy access to historical data and current work requirements and allows for better organisation of inspection cycles.

All Tree Surveys & Reports consultants are trained and qualified in arboriculture, and all have the Royal Forestry Certificate in Arboriculture and the Arboricultural Association Technicians’ Certificate. The Tree Surveys & Reports team boasts over a decade of experience in the arboricultural industry and are proud of their commitment to offering a high level of service to clients. Tree Surveys & Reports pride there selves in offering flexibility to our clients while providing useful solutions that meet their needs. Tree Surveys & Reports provide honest, practical advice which accurately explains the consequences of different strategies for tree management.

"Our turnaround time is fast since we understand the consequences our valuations and advice can have for your home, local area, or business. We cover the Midlands, London and south of England and are willing to travel to your area to help you find a solution that benefits you and your trees"

Thank you for completing our Bs5837 UK survey at such short notice: I didn’t expect you to say yes when I picked up the phone! You’re a star.
Cheryl Spencer, Oxford

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