Tree Reports and Surveys for Property Buyers

tudor house surrounded by trees

When you are in the market for a new home it is important to consider that trees can have an affect on the property that is not always visible and your insurer or mortgage provider may need you to organise a tree survey to highlight any issues that need addressed with regards to the trees in the vicinity of the property.

Why you may need a Tree Report for mortgage and insurance purposes:-

  • 1. The property has suffered damage by trees in the past

    2. Trees, branches and roots from neighbouring properties encroach with the house in question

    3. A mortgage lender needs to know that building insurance will be granted and not affected by tree issues

    4. There are concerns about the trees and their safety that are are nearby or included in the property

We can provide tree surveys for mortgages and home buyers in the UK.

Trees in your garden can add value to the property via environmental and visual benefits, but can also present a risk too and the home buyer must be aware of such problems. This is where we come in and the Tree Surveys & Reports team can provide a professional tree surveying and reporting service for properties in Warwickshire and throughout the UK. Our reports will give you future protection from e.g. legal issues, list the trees and what condition they are in and also any potential risks and what needs to be done to manage the situation. This proactive management of the trees on your property will help avoid future costly tree work that may need to be done; "Prevention is better than cure!"

The Tree Report can be a useful tool when agreeing on a price for a property:-

  • Threats - Direct - Roots damaging small buildings and drains, falling branches

    Threats - Indirect - Subsidence or heave due to the type of soil involved

    Hard landscaping damages e.g. driveways

    Future recommendations for managing the trees

    Costs to fix and prevent problems

Tree Surveys and Reports is an organisation you can trust to inform you of historical, existing and future tree related damage. We investigate any potential problems prior to the purchase of your property so you can rest assured that the home you buy is free from tree related defects and will not cause any future economic loss.

All our Tree Survey and Report consultants hold the Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture and the Arboricultural Association Technicians' Certificate, a guarantee of excellence in technical and practical knowledge.

I firmly believe there is no better company to supply Tree surveys for mortgages in birmingham than you guys!
Amelia Bird, Birmingham

Even on a very windy day, the tree survey for our mortgage in Warwick was expertly completed in no time. Cheers guys.
Ronald Higgins, Warwick

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Tree Problems: Subsidence

Trees can cause subsidence when the roots grow and their growth encroaches onto the foundations of buildings nearby. The roots soak up the moisture in the ground which can shrink the soil and in turn cause cracks occurring in the masonry.