Tree Surveys & Reports for Health & Safety

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The Tree Surveys & Reports team provides a professional tree surveying service in Warwickshire and throughout the UK. We offer tree safety advice to local councils, highway authorities, government bodies, private individuals and landowners.

Our competent and qualified arboricultural service is backed up by a comprehensive insurance and years of experience in the industry. Our team is highly skilled and professionally trained to the highest standards in our industry.

For further information, please contact Tree Surveys & Reports on 01926 870050.

We take pride in taking a proportionate, balanced approach to the issue of tree safety. Our aim is to permit areas to retain their natural beauty by keeping existing trees, while ensuring that tree owners meet their duty of care.

All Tree Surveys && Reports consultants are trained and qualified in arboriculture, holding the Royal Forestry Certificate in Arboriculture and the Arboricultural Association’s Technicians Certificate. Managing Director, Tim Batchelor, has extensive experience in the commercial and domestic arboriculture industry and he has led his team in various projects for the Ministry of Justice, local government, UK insurance companies, landowners, and UK mortgage providers.

Managing Director Tim Batchelor notes that "Good quality tree work should be sympathetic to the tree and take into account the responsive growth rate and growth formation of the individual species concerned." The key is to strike the right balance between aesthetics, natural growth and safety. Tim and his team understand your need to trust in an experienced, diligent company that provides a personalised and effective service.

We also provide arboricultural advice, assisting with applications for work to be undertaken on trees located in conservation areas, and those covered by a protection order. We take the hard work off your hands, liaising with local planning authorities and councils across the UK so you don’t have to.

Tim notes that taking an individual approach to every case is key: "If a weakness in a tree is identified, removal of this part is not always the answer. On many occasions, the removal of that particular defects leaves the tree looking unsightly, unbalanced and unnatural, with few improvements in so far as the safety of the tree is concerned."

We were concerned about the health and safety of our trees, but thanks to your tree survey we now know exactly where we stand. We will certainly be calling you again.
Sarah Johnson, Birmingham

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