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Some Frequently Asked Questions that we receive!

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What is the point of a tree survey?

You may need to have a survey done to make sure your trees are in a safe condition, free of disease and will be of no harm to the public and thus avoid any legal liability. For example the Massaria Disease of the Plane Trees can cause the branches to fall off which is particularly dangerous in urban areas and would need to be rectified to be classed as safe.

Why do we have Tree Preservation Orders?

TPO's are meant to protect trees on privately-owned land which have amenity value, and to prevent their removal where it would have a significant impact on the environment and on the enjoyment of that environment by the public. For more information.

Why not cover all trees with a TPO?

Only trees which have a certain value should be covered with an Order, although the Council understands that sometimes the value of a tree to local people is a subjective matter. For more on this matter

What is a BS5837?

When building a home or building close to trees, local authorities require that a professional tree survey (BS5837) be carried out to identify and record the state of the trees and how far the roots and canopies extend too. To read more about BS5837 Planning.

My mortgage company requires a tree report, can you help?

The simple answer is YES! We can provide tree surveys and reports for property buyers throughout the UK. For more about this please see our Mortgage Tree Report Page.

What sort of tree should I plant in my garden?

If you have a small garden then you need to be careful about what species you plant e.g. Beech and Oak should be planted more than 20 metres away from the property. So for a small property a fruit tree or tree or shrub that is part of the Sorbus Family e.g. Rowan or Mountain-ash would be ideal.

What is a Conservation Area (or CA)?

Every Local Planning Authority is under a duty to determine, from time to time, areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. These areas are then designated as Conservation Areas by the Council.

Can I cut down a tree in a conservation area?

There can be certain circumstances where it is ok to cut or prune trees in an area of conservation e.g. where the work to be carried out will improve the growth of other trees. See our CA page for more details.

How can I help the environment?

You can help by planting a variety of species of trees in your garden which will help to improve resilience to diseases and combat climate change. See our page on the Urban Forest for more details.

Are your staff well trained?

Yes, the team at Tree Surveys & Reports comprises highly trained individuals who utilise the latest GPS equipment to accurately locate individual trees and tree groups across large residential areas, highways and parks. Please go to our page on GPS Mapping for more.

I have a tree that I suspect has been infected with Ash Dieback can you help?

Yes, receiving professional advice from a professional Arborist is vital if you have concerns with your ash trees and we can help with this. The UK government currently has schemes underway to help stop the spread of the disease. Please go to our ash inspection page for more help.

We are concerned about the safety of our trees, what should we do?

Calling us is the first step, we offer tree safety advice to local councils, highway authorities, government bodies, private individuals and landowners and we can certainly help you in determining if your trees are safe or not and what action should be done if there is a problem. Please go to our safety page for more advice.

I have notice some trees that looked diseased in the woods nearby, what should I do?

You should inform the Forestry Commision by reporting signs of dangerous tree pests and diseases by using their website`s Tree Alert Page.

Do you have any reviews from previous clients who have used your services?

Yes, we have had many happy clients over the years from all walks of life and organisations. Please feel free to view our review pages. We would love to hear back from you.

What areas do you cover?

We can be on site to supply Tree Survey and Reports anywhere in the UK. We are based in Leamington Spa but no area in the Britain is out of reach for our surveyors including Warwickshire, Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxfordshire.